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Join our team to inspire and be inspired in making the world a more efficient place!

You & Forge LT

At Forge LT we live by an idea that we have to be unique, interesting as a company to compete on the highest level and work on the most fascinating projects. Investments is one of the ways to achieve that, but we all understand that it's the people, limitless creativity and motivation what makes the world turn.

We are always looking for new team members who are not only self-motivated, but are also interested in changing the way things are done in our industry. See below for the open positions in Aumeta and contact us if you feel you would be a great fit!

We are looking for new colleagues:

CNC tekinimo staklių operatorius (-ė)

Aktyviai ieškome patyrusių arba norinčių išmokti CNC tekinimo staklių specialistų darbui su naujomis staklėmis - Doosan 2600SY, Doosan 2600LY ir Doosan 4100LMB


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