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The only Lithuanian private capital closed-die forging subcontractor in the Baltic States.

In brief

Forge LT is the only closed-die forging company in Baltic Region with a 100% Lithuanian ownership. Our main mission as a supplier is to be as flexible as possible, focusing on short delivery leadtime and quick reaction to customer's urgent needs.

We have just celebrated our 25th anniversary in this business and we are extremely proud that most of our partners have been together with us for all these years and continue to trust our extensive forging know-how which resulted in more than 300 different types of forgings produced. This is not only a great achievement for a business, but also a great inspiration to the team working in Forge LT.

We will continue to put an utmost emphasis to remain as flexible and efficient as we currently are and keep our partnerships with well-known companies in Western Europe and Scandinavia.


Business areas

95% of our production is exported to European Union and is used in many different industries including:

- Conveying and mining industry (24%);
- Hydraulic systems and components (22%);
- Agriculture and heavy machinery (22%);
- Automotive and lifting products (18%);
- Other industries (14%);

Experienced professionals
Years in forging business
Unique positions produced
Exported to European Union

Quality management

As per our ISO9001:2015 certification and internal quality management system, the quality assurance process is documented in great detail and provides multiple points of inspection which ensure that all of the quality requirements are met at every stage of the production.

Every subcontractor and material supplier of Forge LT is audited and rated to ensure flawless supply-chain and continous improvements of all the processes, including ones provided by our suppliers.

Quality inspection equipment:

– Tiede Universal 600WE Crack inspection;
– Static and portable hardness measuring;
– 3D coordinate measuring machine;
– Optical microscope;


Our attitude

Our attitude towards quality is simple - customers expect the top-quality deliveries from us and this is what we are determined to continue doing to maintain our long-lasting partnerships for many years in the future.

To achieve this, everybody is actively involved in continuously working together to investigate every quality issue we have encountered and find a way how to avoid similar problems in the future.

Although we believe that people will always make mistakes, our main responsability as organization is to eliminate this factor as much as possible, at every step of company’s processes and ultimately provide faultless production capabilities.


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