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Invest into your research and creativity and let us take care of the forging.

Closed-die forging

Our total forging capacity is around 4 000 tons per year which we achieve with 4 fully renovated and modernized forging lines - forging presses, trimming presses, calibrating presses, shears and heating furnances.

We forge according to EN 10243-1 Class F standard, alloy and ferrous steel parts with maximum weight of 8 kg and around 200 mm in diameter or 280 mm in length, 200 mm in width).

Four (4) fully modernized forging lines at 2 500t.
Total annual capacity of 1 000 000 parts, 4 000 tons
Material: alloy and ferrous steel
Dimensions: up to 8kg and 280 mm in length
In-house engineering of tools and moulds (SolidWorks)
In-house production of tools, moulds, inspection gauges

Post-forging processing

Our machining capacity consists of only modern CNC milling and turning machines, mostly Haas (milling) and Doosan (turning), acquired in years of 2015-2020, including other supporting equipment.

Besides standard machining techniques such as drilling or turning, our capabilities of active-milling (milling axis) allow us to produce precise and complex items with very high reliability.

Machining: turning and milling (Haas, Doosan)
Zinc, chrome, nickel plating
Painting and powder-coating
Crack inspection (in-house Tiede 600WE)
Hardness measuring
Coordinate measuring (CMM)

Industries we serve

Hydraulic systems
Conveyor systems
Automotive industry
Agriculture machines
Heavy machines
Lifting equipment
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Tool engineering

Our engineering department is fully capable of designing all of the necessary tooling, moulds, inspection gauges and other supporting equipment to prepare for the mass production. The only thing we need from our customers is the drawing of the final product and we take care of everything else.

To make sure that our engineered tool design is going to work and provide the most efficient output as well as reliability, we use simuliation software which accurately predicts the forging process. That also allows us to provide a very accurate cost-estimates before comitting to the actual production and initial set-up costs.

Machining capabilities

Besides our core forging expertise, during the last 5 years we have been steadily investing into our CNC machining capacity and after almost 1 000 000 EUR in investments, we are feeling very confident that we can provide a machining service at the highest level, quality and production reliability.

To ensure flexibility, which we are so proud of, we also use several subcontractors for machining. That allows us to scale-up our production capacity quickly and soften the bottlenecks in our production pipeline.

Other value-adding services

Let’s join our engineering forces to achieve more.
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Safety stock inventory
Safety stock inventory
Let us take care of the safety stock.
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Door-to-door delivery
Door-to-door delivery
We can completely take care of the logistics.
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Market development
Market development
Entering Lithuanian market? We will help.
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